Areas We Forget to Clean in the Office

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Areas We Forget to Clean in the Office

Germs can run rife in the modern day office, so to ensure healthy staff and a clean environment, it’s important to invest in professional cleaning services. This article will run through the toughest places to clean and discuss why it’s best to call on your local professionals who have the knowledge, skills, toughest cleaning products and cleaning equipment ready to blitz any stubborn areas inside the office.

Printers and copy machines 

Printers and copy machines receive just as much physical contact as keyboards and mice. Screens can become smeared and stained, the buttons sticky and the surface dusty. All these factors lead to a large population of potentially harmful bacteria which can spread through just the simple push of a button, and in turn, end up spreading around through contact with whatever is touched next.

Cleaning a office mouse

Keyboards, monitors and mouse

The average keyboard contains five times the amount of harmful bacteria than a toilet seat. Food crumbs and drink residue (especially sweet drinks), only increase the rate bacteria accumulates. The reason for this mass accumulation is because the keyboard and mouse at your desk receives more physical contact than any other piece of office equipment. Coughs and sneezes also add to this, a simple fix would be to just cover your mouth and wash your hands. In the long term, utilising professional cleaning services will help reduce the spread and growth of dangerous bacteria, as they have the appropriate equipment to properly remove the stains and bacteria from your place of work.

The monitor is also subject to coughs and sneezes too, which can cause stains and the growth of bacteria. The average office computer monitor gatherers quite a lot of dust, insects and other residue that all carry all sorts of little nasties. A simple office clean-up usually does the trick, however leaving it too long would mean that this task could take a substantial amount of time.

The kitchen 

This needs no introduction; the kitchen is full of hotspots for bacteria to grow. Scraps of food, filthy surfaces and damp drying racks are breeding grounds for bacteria, and they will continue to be until it’s dealt with. Leaving dirty plates and bowls for too long allows bacteria and mould to fester. As stated previously, professional cleaning crews have the means to eliminate most, if not all dangerous bacteria.

Air ventilation systems

These systems, although used to maintain a controlled and temperate environment, can also be huge breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria. The problem is, moisture, dust and dirt collects in the vents, coils and blades, which means if left, the air being expelled from here will likely carry small particles of bacteria and fungi with it. This could end up affecting workers and lead to sick days. To prevent this from happening, make sure all elements of your office are thoroughly cleaned. 

Carpets chemical cleaning with professionally disk machine. Early spring cleaning or regular clean up.

Furniture and upholstery

Stained and dusty furniture is not only uninviting but is likely to contain dead skin and food crumbs. So to ensure your office remains looking clean and fresh it’s good to clean surface dirt

by using vacuum cleaners, which will remove dirt that wouldn’t budge with a damp cloth. Any stains should be spot cleaned with white vinegar and a soft microfiber cloth and smells can be tackled with bicarbonate of soda – this will absorb unpleasant odours.

Easy Clean Commercial is a professional cleaning company who have a great wealth of experience within the industry. With a dedicated team and the right equipment, we can promise you a job well done. For more information about the services we provide, call today. We operate throughout Greater London and the rest of the UK.

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