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Carpet Cleaning

If the stain comes back, so do we!

Why choose us?

The Easy Clean Way!

Do you have carpet in your commercial space or office site? There are several benefits of using carpet in rooms and different areas.


It has long and dense fibres that trap air which acts as an insulator ultimately result in cost savings. You would agree that it is very comfortable to walk, sit and work in a well-carpeted room.


This happens only when you have a nice and clean carpet.

With time, your carpet is likely to get dirty due to the real grind in your office, and other commercial areas. In office areas, people enter and leave with their shoes on, adding dirt and germs into the carpet fibres.


Regular site cleaning also increases dust in the area which settles onto the carpet. Cleaning your carpet is really important. The dirt, debris, and other particles get stuck in the carpet. It deteriorates carpet color, look, and strength. It is always recommended to get your carpet cleaned every 6 months or at least once a year for low work areas.

There are several methods used for carpet cleaning depending upon its material and condition. It is always recommended to hire professionals for this purpose. 


Easy Clean Commercial is your one stop shop for all types of commercial and office carpet cleaning services in the UK.

Whatever your needs are, just give us a call and our ready to help customer support team will guide you through all available services according to your needs.


After an initial discussion, you will get help from our dedicated manager and senior cleaner.


Depending upon work requirements, they may visit your site for a complete analysis of your carpeting. They will properly guide you through all steps required to give your carpet an initial appearance.

It is not an easy task for owners to self-clean carpets as it requires proper analysis of carpet condition. Our highly trained staff can take this job on with the upmost care. The dedicated manager will devise a service as per your site requirement. We offer a free no-obligation quote for our service to give you the best budget-friendly deal.

Call us today and one of our experts will arrange a site visit at your convenience.

Speak to a friendly advisor today 0330 1335 098

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Key Notes

A look at what we can offer

Initial site visit with a area manager and supervisor

97.65% Client retention from January 2021

Excellent quality control and spot checking system

Free tailored quotes for every new client

Discreet, friendly and uniformed employees 

Competitive localised pricing

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