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ULV Fogging

Effective against 99.9 % of germs and bacteria

Why choose us?

The Easy Clean Way!

We always consider cleaning in terms of removing dust, debris, or any stains.


You may not know that high-touch areas in the office, home, or any workplace usually contain thousands of times more germs than a toilet seat.


The contaminated air can also badly impact the health of people in the concerned area.

There should be regular proper disinfection activities to make the workplace safe for employees and customers. In past, manual spray cans were used to spread a mist of disinfectants but this method lacks efficiency as the chemical is not evenly distributed which will not kill all the germs as well as being more time consuming.

Ultra Low Volume Fogging (ULV) to kill 99.9% of germs in the area. Its efficiency is directly connected to the fogging machine and the quality of the disinfectant.

The machine disperses tiny charged droplets of disinfectant which evenly spread onto the surface. This highly reduces the wastage of chemical and also gives the best results. The sprayed cleaning agent not only kills airborne germs but also covers hard to reach surfaces.

Using environmentally friendly disinfectants will provide you a safer, clean work area and peace of mind. It is always recommended to contact a specialised service provider to devise a plan as per your requirement so that your workplace.

Call us today and one of our experts will arrange a site visit at your convenience.

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Key Notes

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Initial site visit with a area manager and supervisor

97.65% Client retention from January 2021

Excellent quality control and spot checking system

Free tailored quotes for every new client

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