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Why choose us?

Commercial Cleaning Nottingham 

Workplace cleanliness and hygiene have a great impact on the productivity of employees. If not properly taken care of, it may be the reason for worker’s illness, stress, and lack of motivation in the work.


No one would like to work on desktop screens and keyboards with dirt everywhere. It also creates a bad first impression on customers and not good for business.

On the other hand, a clean, tidy, and well-organised work environment gives your employees a sense of second home and increases customer retention rate. It is the symbol of quality service, high-performance standards, and great customer experience.

It’s not that easy to manage all that on-site cleaning process. You need to hire several highly trained staff for cleaning of different areas. Your company will also have to take care of acquiring the various necessary equipment, mops, machinery, and other cleaning supplies. This seasoned cleaning staff is not trained to handle all office cleaning tasks as there are certain standard steps for cleaning each type of item to give the best result possible.

You might be wondering, is there any solution to this problem. Yes.

Easy Commercial Clean is the one stop shop for taking care of your workplace commercial cleaning needs in Nottingham.


Either you need daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly contract cleaning services, we’ve got you covered.

You are a small startup company, hotel, school, clinic, medical, sports club, office, big enterprise or need our services for short-stay accommodation, we provide everything for making your workplace clean and tidy.


Our utmost desire is to provide high-quality cleaning service to our customers which is the key motive behind our business.

Whatever your needs are, just give us a call and one of our highly trained customer support representatives will guide you through the process to cleaning excellence.


Considering your workplace requirement, our support team will assign a dedicated manager and a senior cleaner. They will visit your workplace at your convenience and completely examine your site for all cleaning requirements.

We are here for taking all of your cleanliness pain and give you the best results.

That’s why our team will closely work with your representatives and discuss all possible services necessary for your workplace. You will not have to worry about office cleaning supplies and other related paperwork. Our basic weekly prices start from just £29.00 per week but our dedicated team manager will work closely to give you the best budget-friendly free no-obligation quote to make you part of our 100s of happy customers and the list is growing.

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Key Notes

A look at what we can offer

Initial site visit with a area manager and supervisor

97.65% Client retention from January 2021

Excellent quality control and spot checking system

Free tailored quotes for every new client

Discreet, friendly and uniformed employees 

Competitive localised pricing

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