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Derby Museum & Art Gallery

Both a museum and an art gallery, the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, can be found in the city of Derby in England. Along with the Derby Central Library, it was founded in 1879 in a new building that had been built by Richard Knill Freeman and had been donated to the city of Derby by Michael Thomas Bass.


The collection features a gallery that showcases a number of paintings created by Joseph Wright of Derby. Additionally, the collection features a sizeable exhibit of Royal Crown Derby china as well as other porcelain from Derby and the surrounding region.


Additional exhibitions include those pertaining to archaeology, natural history, geology, military collections, and many civilizations from throughout the world. The Art Gallery first opened its doors in the year 1882.

Joseph Wright Gallery

The Joseph Wright of Derby collection at the Derby Museums is the most extensive of its kind anywhere in the world.

Wright was born in Derby in 1734, and now he is considered to be one of the most famous artists in the world. His paintings and works on paper can be seen hanging in major galleries all over the world. He was known as a "painter of light" and for his association with key members of the intellectual movement known as the Enlightenment.


Nowadays, he is considered to be one of Britain's most interesting and all-encompassing painters because of his breadth of subject matter and his interesting associations. The Joseph Wright Gallery is a permanent area that is dedicated to presenting the complete spectrum of stunning paintings by Joseph Wright. The gallery also features a number of modest, rotating shows of drawings and prints from the collection of the museum.

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Objects of Love, Hope and Fear. A World Collection

A warm and inviting gallery that is crammed to the gills with ordinary and unusual items from from all around the world.

The space has been partitioned into seven distinct areas, each with a different name: Consume, Believe, Create, Conflict, Furnish, Adorn, and Communicate. Each of the things that you will see has a human link in its past, having been made, used, loved, lost, stolen, gathered, saved, or hidden, and is now exhibited with the utmost respect. You will learn about these human connections.


They are linked to events in history that were full of both tragedy and joy, as well as everything in between. From drums that made noise to pillows made of wood to dreadful devices meant to inflict pain on those who were enslaved. Each zone will provide both comfort and discomfort, and we dare you to not discover something that captivates both your brain and your heart in at least one of the zones.


At Derby Museums, there is always something fun for family to do together that they may enjoy.

We make it a point to plan events and activities that are ideal for the entire family, providing chances for families to engage in creative endeavours, learn new things, and make memories together. From our weekly Tots Make & Do session at the Museum & Art Gallery for children under the age of five and the adults who care for them, to the opportunity to handle real objects from the collection in Handling History, as well as a full programme of holiday activities for the times when schools are closed.

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