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Disinfecting your office to make it germ-free

The average office setting is typically a fertile ground for the growth of bacteria and the transmission of infectious microbes.

In view of the present predicament that the globe finds itself in, it is imperative that offices be cleaned on a consistent basis and to a high degree in order to stop the spread of germs and maintain a healthy environment.

Building a healthy atmosphere, encouraging excellent hygiene habits, strengthening immune systems, and having a beneficial influence on mental well-being should be the primary focuses of this endeavour.

According to research conducted in the United States, it can take as little as four hours for evidence of a virus to appear on common workplace surfaces such as door handles, kettles, desk surfaces, and more when an employee is ill at work.

Because employees in an office often interact with one another and share supplies and other resources, infectious diseases have the potential to rapidly spread across the workplace.

We are aware, on the other hand, that employee absence may create significant and expensive issues for firms.

Also, we are aware that you will not be able to keep your workplace spotless at all times, but there are some precautions you can take to lessen the likelihood that an infection will spread and to assist in maintaining the health of your employees.

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Key Notes

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Provide your employees with:

Hand sanitisers. Either individually installed on each workstation or centrally located at significant sites such as entry and exit routes, restrooms, and other similar areas.

Displays of pertinent information If you want to get people's attention and make sure they are all doing the correct thing when it comes to their health and cleanliness, posting statistics regarding the spread of germs and rotating them every week is a great way to achieve both.

PPE that is up to par (if appropriate). The mood of employees and their productivity may be significantly improved by including even the most fundamental workplace health practises.

Eliminate germs from your office

In order to reduce your risk of becoming infected with bacteria and viruses, it is best practise to disinfect after cleaning in order to get rid of any lingering pathogens.

This is due to the fact that cleaning does not necessarily kill bacteria; rather, it merely relocates it; on the other hand, disinfection destroys bacteria and germs but does not remove them; this is why it is recommended that you use both!

Things to consider:

  • You should clean your workplace area, concentrating on the most often used items in the business, such as the fax machines, printers, kettles, phones, and door knobs, among other things. These important touchpoints must to be cleansed with the proper disinfectant on a regular basis and wiped off.

  • Are remote jobs an option for the staff? Because of the increased freedom that it offers, working from home is increasingly becoming the norm. Working from home also has the added benefit of reducing exposure to germs in the workplace.

  • Foster habits that contribute to high levels of personal cleanliness. For instance, you might provide each employee a box of tissues and post reminders to wash one's hands in all of the kitchen and restroom facilities. Place antibacterial wipes in an easily accessible location such as a community room, reception area, etc.

It is of the utmost importance to also remain at home if you are feeling sick, and all members of staff should be actively urged to remain at home if they, too, feel like they are coming down with anything. Telling someone that you have a cold and won't be able to shake their hand because of it is quite socially acceptable. Believe us when we say that they won't be offended in the least and will frequently prefer to know!

Important considerations

Air quality. It is essential, when it comes to heating and cooling systems, to regularly inspect what is being discharged into the surrounding atmosphere.

It is important to ensure that air vents and ducts are cleaned on a regular basis. In addition, planting plants throughout the office is an excellent approach to assist improve air quality.

Increasing the frequency with which one vacuums (especially now).

The daily cleaning routine includes wiping off and straightening up the desks. Particularly considering the fact that studies has shown that the typical desk and keyboard can contain more germs than the typical toilet seat.


List of measures taken to stop germs from spreading in your office:

  • They blow their nose with tissues and cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze.

  • Routinely wash and moisturise their hands.

  • Try to avoid touching your face and then proceeding to touch other things, such as door knobs, light switches, etc.

  • Immediately get rid of used tissues by throwing them straight into the bin.

  • You should have a tidy working environment. Disorganisation can provide a fertile environment for the growth of pathogens like bacteria and germs.

  • You should make an effort to avoid eating at your desk, but if you really must, you should lay a paper towel down first to collect any errant crumbs.

Everyone in the workplace should be responsible for maintaining a clean atmosphere, and everyone should do what they can to help achieve this goal.

Everyone's attention is more concentrated than it has ever been on the topic of how we might make our workplaces healthier.

It is imperative that we revise our cleaning schedules in light of the ongoing epidemic and the spread of the Covid19 virus over the world. In addition, we must take the cleaning process one step further.

Our professional office cleaners in Derby cleaning teams are available and ready to come and clean your commercial premises as soon as you like. Call us today for a free quote.

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